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LinkedIn Group Members Profile Scraper

From a LinkedIn Group URL, get LinkedIn profile URLs and complete details of group members scraped, exported, and compiled in an output spreadsheet.

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What does this module do?

This module will take the LinkedIn Group URL as the input and will scrape and export all information about group members in an output CSV.

Important: You should be a member of the Group you're trying to scrape.


LinkedIn Group URL

LinkedIn Session Cookie (li_at key)


LinkedIn profile URL

First Name

Last Name

Full Name


Company Name

Company LinkedIn profile

Company Website URL

Job Title

Job Location

Connection Degree

Connections Count

Contact Info: (if present under the contact info button)

Email Address

Website URL

Profile Description

Email Address (if present in the profile description)

Phone Number (if present in the profile description)

External URL (if present in the profile description)

Automate Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Use this module

How to Set up LinkedIn Group Members Profile Scraper?

1. Copy the LinkedIn Group URL that you want to scrape.

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Copy the LinkedIn Group URL that you want to scrape. You should be a member of this group for this module to work.

2. Log in and find the module

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After this, you need to log in to and find the module named 'LinkedIn Group Members Profile Scraper,' and click on the 'Use this module' button.

3. Find and copy your LinkedIn session cookie

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  1. Go to and Log in to your account.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the page and select the inspect element option from the menu.
  3. A window opens up either on the right side or at the bottom of the page. Look for the tab named 'Application'. It should be present next to the tab named 'Network' (if not visible, click on the '>>' button next to the 'Network' tab to expand the tab menu).
  4. After clicking the 'Application' tab, look for the 'Cookies' tab from the left menu. Under the 'Cookies' tab, click on '' and look for the value corresponding to 'li_at'.
  5. Now copy this value. It should be a long string of characters and should start with something like this "AQEDAR..."
  6. Paste this value in the field named "LinkedIn Session Cookie" on the module setup page.

4. Fill the module configuration form and hit Launch

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  1. Now paste the LinkedIn Group URL (that you copied in the previous step) in the field labeled 'LinkedIn Group URL.'
  2. Enter the number of Group members you want to scrape in the field labeled 'Number of Group members to scrape.' If you leave this field empty, the module will scrape a maximum of 2500 members per group.

  3. Next, enter your LinkedIn session Cookie in the field labeled 'LinkedIn Session Cookie'.
  4. Next, enter your email address to receive a notification when the module has finished the operation.
  5. Click 'Next' to proceed to the next screen.
  6. Click 'Run' to launch the module.
  7. Once the module has completed the operation, you'll receive an email notification along with the result file attached.

Video Guide

LinkedIn Group Members Profile Scraper


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