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Our 9 step thorough email verification process

Every time you verify your emails with Data Chroma, here's everything that happens in the background

Duplicate Removal

Data Chroma looks for duplicates in your input and removes them before verification

Syntax Check

We look for naming errors and gibberish patterns and remove them

Disposable Email check

Next the emails are checked if they exist on a disposable email server

Domain health check

Next we check if the email's domain is real and exists.

Catch-all check

We identify if the email is catch-all

MX record check

We check the MX records to find out the mailbox status

Server Verification

We then check for the existence of the mail server

Greylisting verification

We then again validate the email to in case the mail server uses Greylisting technology

SMTP validation

We finally make an email address ping to see if the email is actually valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are the email verification results?

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Data Chroma's email verifier is almost 99% accurate and gives you only valid and deliverable email address as the result output. We follow a 9 step email verification process and make sure that you will not receive bounces when you run campaigns.

Does it send an email to do the verification?

No, the email verifier carries out the verification without sending an actual email to the recipient email address.

What does it mean when the email address is marked as "Catch All"?

Some email servers accept all the emails on a domain name irrespective of whether the email address actually exist or not. They've opted for what is called as the 'Accept all' arrangement and for emails on such domains, the verifier will output "Catch All" as the result because the verifier cannot actually find if that email address exists or not.

Do you have a free plan? How much does Data Chroma's email verifier cost?

Yes, you get 100 free email verification credits when you sign up. Our paid plans start at $49/months which gets you 5000 email credits which can either be used to verify or find email addresses. You also get 10,000 LinkedIn automation credits in the same plan, which can be used to run automation and extract data from LinkedIn.

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