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Enter the person's first and last name along with their company domain to find their business email address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find email addresses using Data Chroma's Email Finder?

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There are multiple ways in which you can find someone's business email address using Data Chroma and they are:

1. Single Email Finder: Find emails one by one by inputting First Name, Last Name, and Company Domain.

2. Bulk Email Finder: Find emails for multiple prospects at once by preparing and uploading a CSV file with three columns: First Name, Last Name, and Company Domain.

3. LinkedIn profile to Email Finder: Find anyone's business email address by inputting their LinkedIn profile. It's that easy!.

4. API: Access all these methods of finding someone's business email address using the API. Integrate our email finder in your apps with ease with our developer friendly API.

How accurate are the found business email addresses?

The results are the most accurate out there. Every time a search is made, the email is either found from our own database or from the web and in either of the cases it verified at the time when the search request is made.

Are the email addresses guesses or are they found somewhere?

Data Chroma's email finder first tries to find the email somewhere on the web. Once found, it would verify to see the validity status and will display the result only if the email is valid.

If the email is not found on the web, our email finder will use multiple data points to deduce the verified email addresses

What to do when the Data Chroma Email Finder doesn't return any result?

If our email finder does not return any result for your search query, you can make the following changes to your input and try running the search again:

1. First Name: Make sure the first name input does not contain salutation abbreviations (Mr. Mrs, Ms., Dr, Er., PhD, etc.)

2. Last Name: Make sure the last name does not contain brackets (). abbreviations like MBA, emojis. etc.

3. Company Website: Make sure you're entering the correct domain and also that you're inputting the root domain only and a specific page on the domain.

Do you have a free plan? How much does Data Chroma's Email finder cost?

Yes. we have a free plan that gives you 100 email credits on sign up. Our paid plans start at $49/month and you get 5,000 email credits along with 10,000 LinkedIn automation credits. Check out our pricing plans here.

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