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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find company websites from company names?

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For each input, we first run the search in our own database and if the matching company name is found, we'll display the results. If the matching company name is not found in our database, we then run the search on multiple platforms including LinkedIn Google and bing search, etc.

How accurate are the results?

The results are the most accurate out there. We only give output when we find a complete match of the input company name with an existing company name in our database. We only return 100% accurate results. We will either return a valid company domain or a 'Not Found', we don't display guessed results and charge users for that.

Do you have a free plan? How much does Data Chroma's company url finder cost?

Yes, you get free 100 company name to company website url finder credits on sign up. Our paid plans start at $49 which gets you 10,000 credits.

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