Lead Generation and Data Enrichment
on Autopilot

Scrape the web, find and enrich lead data and automate your lead generation efforts
with easy-to-use readymade modules.

Generating Leads off your favorite platforms has never been this easy

Multi-step Readymade
Lead Generation Modules

No code, no complex workflows
Readymade Modules
Find and enrich leads from all over the web.
Data extraction and marketing automation modules that Enterprises pay thousands for, now available to everyone.
LinkedIn Search

Query Scraper
Google Search
Query Scraper
LinkedIn Jobs


Search Scraper
Drip Campaigns
20+ Modules

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The only Lead Generation and Data Enrichment Platform you'll ever need

No more paying for a separate tool to scrape the web and a different tool to enrich data from social platforms like LinkedIn.
No more combining incomplete data from multiple sources - Get complete data compiled in a single spreadsheet with our readymade modules.
No extra efforts to find that one data field that 'some' software doesn't provide in the output file. Our modules give you all the data you need to launch better marketing campaigns.
Zero learning curve - running a module is as simple as filling a form and pressing 'Launch.'
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3,000 credits per day
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7 day free trial: Sign up for the Growth plan and get 100 credits per day free for seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are modules?

A module is a readymade single/multi-step automation sequence designed to execute a set operation. Datachroma has various modules to carry out set tasks. For example, a module named 'LinkedIn People Profile Scraper' will perform only one function: scrape LinkedIn people profiles.

What are credits?

Credit is a payment unit that you can spend on any of the modules in the platform. One credit is spent when a single-step module performs an operation and outputs one CSV row of data. Two credits are spent for one row of CSV output for two-step sequence modules. Each module's documentation page clearly states the number of credits it will use to work one row of CSV data.

How does the Free Trial work?

When you sign up for the Free trial, you get 100 free credits everyday for seven days from signup. Post this free trial, your account will transition to our free forever plan that gets you 50 credits per day with limited access to modules. If you need to go over this limit, you can purchase a plan that best suits your needs.

What is a module slot?

Each account gets what we call module slots. In simple terms, module slots define the number of simultaneous modules that you can run. The total number of module slots that you get depends on your account category. For example, the Growth plan provides you with fifteen module slots, giving you the ability to run fifteen modules simultaneously.

Do credits expire?

Yes. Credits expire and renew on a per-day basis. Each plan gets you a certain number of credits valid for each day, and the unused credits from one day do not add up to the next day's allotted credits.

Do I need to know how to code?

No. Using our modules is equivalent to filling a form and pressing 'Launch.' We're building the best lead generation and data-enrichment platform for marketers. Not knowing how to code will never be a limitation to use our modules.


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